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Alternative Transport Week

Guernsey's joining the challenge to try better ways of commuting for a week in May

Guernsey is joining in with Alternative Transport Week so that this year the event takes place accross the Channel IslandsA huge shout out to, the creators of the initiative, for helping us bring it to life in Guernsey.

ATW challenges all islanders to ditch their normal way of getting around for a week and either bus, cycle or walk to work or school. #ATWguernsey



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Walk to work, enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of our islands. Get those legs going and improve your health and wellness with a daily walk.

  • Find a walking buddy and make your commute part of your day to connect with friends and colleagues

  • Plan your route with by looking at Living Streets' picturesque walking routes to work or school 

  • Count your steps and see how many you can do in the week 

  • Join our "Social Net-Walking" event. Socialising and networking on your walk to work. More info soon.


Get on your bikes, with friends and families, to cycle into work for the
week and skip past traffic with a door to door commute.

  • Find a cycling buddy and make your commute part of your day to connect with friends and colleagues

  • Measure how much petrol money you save and see how many miles you can do in the week 

  • No bike or ebike? Try hiring one. Go Guernsey are offering 25% off all bike hire during ATW if you quote code GOATW2023 when booking. 

  • Ride & Park: Allocate some car parking spaces to bike parking in your workplace or school.

  • Join or set-up a cycle-train. For schools, parents and teachers can set up cycle trains, and workplaces can co-ordinate cycling buddies for the commute.


Take a back seat on your commute by letting someone else do the driving and go by bus. Spend your journey talking with family and friends, catch up on your reading or browse social media.

  • CT Plus have timetables and journey planners so you can plan your journeys for the week as well as details on fares and tickets. You can also plan your journey using google maps now!

  • Get yourself a PuffinPass and save on your travel   

  • Check out the school bus routes to help get your little ones (and big ones!) to school

  • Use the Guernsey Buses Tracker to watch Guernsey buses in real time

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In an ideal world you'd be leaving the car behind, but if you do hop in it, do try and optimise the journey by sharing the trip with others. 

  • Arrange to pick up a freind or colleague enroute 

  • Plan your usage, make sure you get as much as possible  done in one journey rather than multiple trips

  • Car share "Careaoke". Details to follow.

ATW - Walking
ATW - Cyling
ATW - Bus
Check out our resources for businesses and schools

Download Resouces

Please download the resources and get the word out there. Click on the thumbnails to download.​

  • Download the PDF Factsheet and share it at work

  • Print out a poster and put it up at work

  • Download the digital flyer (by rightclicking the banner above) and share with your team or on social media

  • Print out a flyer and circulate to those who aren't that digital!

Looking for resources for schools ? Go here

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Poster (Print)

PDF Factsheet 

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Flyer (Print)

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