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Alternative Transport Week
Resources for Businesses

Guernsey's joining the challenge to try better ways of commuting for a week in May

Help us spread the word!

Please download the resources and get the word out there.

  • Download the PDF Factsheet and share it at work

  • Print out a poster and put it up at work

  • Download the digital flyer (by right clicking on the large banner above) and share with your team or on social media

  • Print out a flyer and circulate to those who aren't that digital!

Click on the thumbnail to download.​

Looking for resources for schools ? Go here

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Poster (PDF)

PDF Factsheet 

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Flyer (PDF)

Guernsey is joining in with Alternative Transport Week so that this year the event takes place accross the Channel IslandsA huge shout out to, the creators of the initiative, for helping us bring it to life in Guernsey.

ATW challenges all islanders to ditch their normal way of getting around for a week and either bus, cycle or walk to work or school. #ATWguernsey



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ATW is good for business

A small change in how we get around can have a big impact:
We know that alternative and active travel can help improve our fitn
ess, health, mental wellbeing and productivity. Its also better for the environment, saves money and reduces traffic which in turn increases safe access

How to get your business involved
  • Tell your staff it’s happening and invite them to take part

  • Invite your senior management to contribute to the ATW Selfie Challenge by sending to

  • Plan to close-down or cordon-off private staff car parks for the week

  • Share your business’s and staff participation on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and tag #ATWguernsey or #EnjoyYourCommute

Encouraging Change
  • Launch a walking-buddy scheme to connect staff who can walk in together

  • Introduce a step counting competition for staff to motivate walkers

Look at our resources here

  • Provide bike parking onsite where available

  • Convert existing staff car parking to bike parking for use by all staff

  • Introduce a cycling buddy scheme so that staff can meeting at a central point outside of built up areas and cycle in together in groups

  • Invest in bike hire schemes for staff with deliveries or external appointments to use ebikes rather than cars or taxis

Look at our resources here​​

  • Share bus stop locations convenient for offices with staff, together with bus routes that stop at them

  • Sponsor bus passes for staff

  • Introduce flexible start and finish times for staff relying on bus timetables

  • Introduce a bus buddy scheme to connect staff that could share bus journeys

  • Rely on public transport for work travel

Look at our resources here​​


Share your stories with us and have fun!

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