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Free Buses from 7th to 14th July

It's for the Island Games, but perfect timing for July's Better Journey Day (on Froday 7th July)!

Guernsey's Environment & Infrastructure Committee have announced that there are to be free buses during the week of the 2023 Island Games.

"During the games, we want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for both visitors and residents to get around the island," Deputy Andy Cameron from Guernsey's E & I Committee explained.

"There will be a significant number of road closures and suspension of public parking to facilitate the events, so we’re keen to do what we can to reduce pressure on our road network and avoid potential congestion."

The Better Journeys Project think this is great news for anyone considering trying the bus as a means to get around this summer.

There's never been a better time as recently there's been a vastly improved bus app, and the timetable is now integrated into google maps, (so you can just type yor start and finish into google and get the best route and and times in your google seach listings). Give it a go.

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