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Free Buses on World Car Free Day

Local groups and organisations involved with sustainable travel are together promoting World Car Free Day, Thursday 22 September.

Colin Le Page, Manager, Strategy and Policy at Traffic and Highway Services said "World Car Free Day started in the 90's in a few cities. It has inspired different campaigns for local authorities to be involved in directly encouraging people to make more sustainable transport decisions. For instance, World Car Free Day is incorporated in the European Mobility Week which is the most widespread campaign on sustainable mobility in the world. Traffic and Highway Services are very pleased to support World Car Free Day."

Others promoting the day include the Active Travel Officer from The Health Improvement Commission, The Guernsey Green Forum, The Clean Earth Trust, Guernsey Bicycle Group, The Better Journeys Project. The groups are reaching out to contacts, families and businesses, encouraging people to leave their car at home on Thursday.

"We know the importance of being active during the day and how it can improve short term and long term physical and mental health. There are lots of ways of doing this but leaving your car at home and walking or cycling is one alternative" said the Commission’s active travel officer Alex Costen.

Barrie Duerden of The Better Journeys Project said "The energy crisis means travel costs are unpredictable and expensive, and whether your car is electric or uses fossil fuel, those costs look likely to be high for some time. Sharing a car, jumping on a bus, cycling or walking means money saved on your journeys can instead help offset the cost of living crisis."

Ben Craddock from the Guernsey Bicycle Group added "World Car Free Day is a brilliant opportunity for a large part of our community to experience the health, social, climate and cost benefits of choosing to walk, cycle or take the bus. With most journeys just a few miles and a lot of congestion caused by single occupancy vehicles, more people cycling as part of everyday life would positively impact everyone."

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