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Summer's here for our 1st of July Better Journey Day

The Guernsey Summer! Roll up the shirt-sleeves, dig out the bike, walk to work or stroll to the bus and have a #betterjourney this Friday the 1st July. Is your work doing something to encourage you for the next Better Journey Day? If not, maybe give them a nudge.

As we step into “High Summer” The Better Journey Project is saying that it’s “High Time” that we all make our journeys better for the island environment, the economy and their physical & mental health, with the next Better Journey Day on Friday 1st July.

The Better Journey Project, which launched with their first event earlier in the spring, is a new non-profit organisation focused on encouraging sustainable travel on Guernsey roads, whether on foot, by bike, by bus or car-pooling. The project is not anti-car, it’s about people choosing a better means of travel where it is possible and appropriate to do so.

Committee member Richard Agnelli said, “We have set up the monthly event to nudge people and organisation to take a step in the direction of change when it comes to getting around our beautiful island. As we step in July, the amazing climate we have in Guernsey means that it’s the perfect time for people to make the leap into walking, cycling, car-sharing or taking the bus more often.”

Mark Smith, committee member, said “This is your ‘Better Journey Day’; make it fun, an adventure; do it with friends, neighbors or colleagues. Maybe share a car, take the bus, cycle or walk together. Take the quieter roads, find a view not noticed before. Start the day with breakfast somewhere or end it with a drink on the way home. Benefit your health and maybe your pocket whilst also doing your bit for the environment.”

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