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The BBC do Commuting Challenge on Better Journey Day

Inspired by the Better Journeys Project, the BBC have set up a Commuter Challenge.

Four reporters left St. Martin's Community Centre at 8am on Better Journey Day to see, who will make it to the BBC Guernsey studios first.

The action was covered on the radio throughout the race, with varipous pundits and stakeholders interviewed on the likley result.

From a journey-time perspective the cyclist was considered the hot favourite, but on the day, with an 8am start delivering sub-peak traffic conditions the Car came first.

Who had the most fulifilling journey? We think the walker (Zoe) and cyclist (John) will arrive the most energised after their active commute. Zoe, also eneded up walking with others which must have been very sociable and pleasant.

Who had the most productive journey? The bus rider (ian) could read or use his phone en route, which must have been relaxing, though the route chosen was quite a complex one to navigate by bus!

What's your #betterjourney?

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