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We know that to really drive change you need to understand the problem as best as possible.

One of the knowledge gaps we have in Guernsey is ANY data on traffic flow. How many single occumpancy vehicle movements, how many full cars, how many bicycles, how many pedestrians. If we 're going to drive modal shift to the more sustainable and more active, we'd like to be able to show it, and to do that we need to have some measurement first.

To this end the Better Journeys Project volunteers has been running traffic surveys. So far we have done two (one a week before our first Better Journey Day and one on our Better Journey Day. Our ext measuring session is planned for a week before the 3rd better Journey day, and on the day itself. So friday 24th June and 1st July.

Keep your eyes out for those volunteers and remeber to give a cheery wave! They'll be wearing our new Better Journeys Project T-shorts and holding a clip-board.

We'll share the data in due course.

If you'd like to help out then or in the future, please get in touch at

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