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Better Journey Day

Choose another lower impact way to get around
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An Island-wide campaign to get as many people as possible travelling sustainably on the first Friday of every month.

  • All Islanders of all ages can play their part. At some point during their day there may be an opportunity to not use the car, whether travelling to work, taking children to school, nipping to the shops, attending social events etc. Even someone who drives for a living might be able to not drive to work

  • This is broader than just a Cycle to Work Day or Walk to School Day

  • An Island-wide event provides great visibility and demonstrates that thousands of Islanders are able to travel without their car, and this really can be a normal part of everyday life

  • As a regular event, Better Journey Day can help embed good habits and also provides the opportunity for late-adopters to join in

  • By encouraging people to leave their car at home on a regular basis it is hopefully not too difficult to step-up from one Friday a month to two Fridays or more; ideally they'll build personal momentum and confidence to make their own Better Journey Day several times a week

Let’s make each monthly Better Journey Day an event; make it fun, gather friends or colleagues, make your journey together, start or end with breakfast. Make it an adventure, take the quieter roads, maybe find a view not noticed before.


Help us spread the word!

Please download the flyer and help raise awareness by printing or posting it. Click on the thumbnail to downlaod PDF for printing and pinning on noticebaords, or rightclick on the banner above to save as a Jpeg for digital communications


Better Journey Day Feb 2024.png


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