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Traffic Counting

Capturing robust traffic data to better understand on-island transport, monitor modal shift and inform government policy

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In order to understand where we are with on-island transport, in April 2022 we set up a fairly comprehensive traffic monitoring scheme to cover the morning commute to St Peter Port.

We have pairs of volunteers at 6 monitoring stations around St Peter Port who measure all traffic movements between 7h30 and 9h00 on specific days.  

Traffic Monitoring Map.png

At as April 2024 we have built a team of over 50 volunteers who, between them have logged almost 120,000 journeys with over 6,000 data points on 18 days, so the data is very rich.

Over time, we have monitored traffic to see changes depending upon:

  • Day of the week

  • Season

  • Weather

  • Roadworks

  • School holidays

This allows us to see trends which tell us about commuter habits.

If there was just one KPI for sustainable travel initiatives, it would be changing commuting to have a higher percentage of pedestrians and cyclists and a lower percentage of single occupancy cars.

An example montoring sheet looks like this:

Traffic Monitoring sheet.png

The traffic counting work is planned and organised by Barrie Deurden.

If you'd like access to the data or if you'd like to volunteeer to help us, please get in touch with us by email at

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Meet The Team

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