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ATW 2024 Dates Announced

Updated: Apr 18

Alternative Transport Week, which was imported to Gurnsey from Jersey for the first time in 2023, is going to be "bigger and better" in 2024.

Sustainable travel advocacy group, The Better Journeys Project, will again be promoting the initiative that saw 100's of organisations in Guernsey make more sustainable choices last May.

The 2024 dates again will co-incide with the Jersey ATW, and have beed announced as 20th to 24th of May 2024.

Once again, accross the Channel Islands, businesses and schools will be challenged to try a number of initiatives to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicle journeys, replacing them with more active and more sustainable forms of transport.

These "Better Journeys", whether on foot, by bike, by bus or car share which will deliver benefits to health, mental well-being, the enviroment and also help people save money!

The better Journeys Project has developed a number of useful resources for both businesses and schools to help them make the most of the week.

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