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ATW 2024 Sees Record Numbers and Growing Appetite for Active Travel

Research data collected during Alternative Transport Week (ATW) highlights another very successful year for the. The Better Journey Project (BJP), which has tracked morning commutes for over two years, saw remarkable changes on the final day of ATW (May 24th).


Voluntary traffic monitors stationed at the Red Lion last Friday (the final day of Alternative Transport Week) recorded a 74% increase in cyclists and a 21% increase in multi-occupancy vehicles compared to the previous month, despite total journey numbers remaining almost identical. BJP estimates that this shift led to a reduction in road usage of more than 5%, benefiting both the health and wealth of those traveling actively and reducing carbon emissions.


Key findings from the six monitoring points around St Peter Port include:

·         A total of 643 bicycles were counted, the highest ever recorded, marking a 57% increase compared to the average for 2023.

·         Bicycles accounted for 9% of total journeys, up from 7% in 2023 and 6.1% in 2022 – a 48% increase over two years.

·         Active travel (cycling and walking) accounted for 21.2% of total journeys, up from an average of 16.5% in 2023 and 14.2% in 2022, indicating a 50% increase over two years.

·         Single occupancy vehicles fell below 50% for only the second time in 19 sessions, with total car usage at 76%.

·         Overall journey numbers and the share of commercial and public service vehicles (around 13%) remained close to long-term averages.


At the Red Lion monitoring point:

·         174 bicycles were recorded, representing a 54% increase compared to the 2024 average of 113.

·         This also surpasses previous years' averages of 133 in 2023 and 120 in 2022.

·         Active travel has increased by 52% since 2022.

·         The count of single-occupancy cars (746) and total cars (950) were the lowest ever recorded.

·         There was a 7% decrease in car usage compared to 2023, following a similar 7% decrease from 2022 to 2023.


The data highlights the increasing appetite for islanders wanting to travel more efficiently and actively. However, this comes in contrast to the small improvements made in active travel infrastructure in recent years.

Mark Smith, a committee member of the BJP, commented, ‘This data confirms what we have been hearing and seeing on social media, with schools and businesses taking active steps to embrace sustainable travel. Notably, RBSI, Investec, DNA and La Houguette Primary School all took specific steps to promote active travel.’

Lindsay de Sausmarez and Adrian Gabriel of the Environment & Infrastructure Committee added: ‘The recently published Better Travel Plan for the north of the island is aimed at making provision for safer conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. This will serve to help those wanting to make this transition for the good of all islanders, particularly those living in the north. This data shows that the public really wants these initiatives. We are particularly encouraged by the analysis from the Red Lion monitoring point.’

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