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Alternative Transport Week is coming to Guernsey

The Better Journeys Project has teamed up with a number of local organisations to bring Alternative Transport Week to Guernsey this May.

The format has been exported to Guernsey by, a grass-roots community orgnanisation who ran the first event in Jersey in 2022, with great success.

Alternative Transport Week challenges all islanders to ditch their normal way of getting around for a week and either bus, cycle or walk

The Better Journeys Project has teamed up with GBG, Living Streets, The Health Improvement Commission, The Guernsey Bus User Group as well as a number of schools and businesses to bring the campaign tio life on 15th to 19th May 2023.

Special thanks go out to Kelvin Re, The Co-operative Society of the Channel Islands and UN1TY Advisory whose direct support has helped bring the campaign to fruition.

The community has been motivated by both the success of the Jersey initaitive in driving modal shift, and the sorry state of the current situation in Guernsey, where 70% of our morning traffic is cars (of which 8% are single occupancy).

With transport being responsbile for a significant part of our islands greenhouse gas emmissions, it is a situation that needs to change quickly if we are to have any chance of keeping our commitment to the UN's Paris Climate Agreement, which sets out the pathway to keep climate change impacts form spiraling beyond what humans can live with.

The community initiative is challenging Guernsey to try a different way of getting around during the week, which will help islanders health and wellbeing as well as saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint.

Specific resources have been developed for businesses and schools, and can be accessed from the ATW page on the better journeys webiste.


Please check them out and get involved.

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