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Shout out to the Co-op for "Supporting Community"

In case you missed it in last week's Press- here's a summary of what we're doing with the money the Co-op (and our other sponsors) have given us to support our work.

The Better Journey Project

Set up as a community initiative to help people make a change for the better when it comes to getting around, the Better Journey Project put the money from the Coop Community Fund

towards delivering Guernsey's first-ever Alternative Transport Week.

The event, which started in Jersey last year, was launched in Guernsey with a digital marketing and social media campaign that resulted in hundreds of businesses, schools and organisations encouraging and supporting their staff to choose cycling, walking or taking them bus instead of the car for one week in May.

"The campaign was a huge success and seems to have helped contribute to significant uptake of these alternative transport methods, that have huge benefits for society,' said Rollo de Sausmarez.

The impact the Better Journey. Project is having on driving up levels of walking, cycling and bus-use is evidenced in the regular traffic audits the group does.

"The great thing is that when peoplemove from a single occupancy car, they save time, they save money, they reduce their environmental impact and have really improved health outcomes both physically and mentally. I particularly love seeing a cycle train of happy kids on their way to school, or a laden cargo bike off on a mission,' said Rollo.

'Community is about people and connections. When we forget that and plan around a car instead, you end up with something that is not conducive to all the things that make a community great.

'When people walk, cycle, take the bus or car-share they have more human interactions and are less stressed. Their mental and physical health benefit, and the retail and hospitality businesses that are often at the heart of communities get more business and are more viable. Even the remaining car users benefit, as it results in less traffic and more parking spaces.'

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